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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frederic Corbin from Beverly Hills, California (CA), Brea, California (CA)

14 Years Later
"I wrote on this webpage 6 months post-op about the time Nicole started this website. I am 14 years post-op now at age 57. Thus far, I have had no problems nor any Capsular Contracture, rippling, etc. The surgeon I choose is no longer practicing. But, he did work with Dr. Corbin in Beverly Hills. So, I would most likely go to Dr. Corbin.

Cost was $6200 which included everything and post op appointments. I know a lot of surgeons will offer sedation instead of being put all the way under, thus can bring the price down and less risk of a General. My worry is always what if or when will they leak (saline) and having to replace them and cost. However, many people I know now, have told me that their implants have stayed in tack for 30 plus years!

The reason I got breast implants in the first place (being a C cup) I was presenting sag of the upper breast tissue and stretch marks. (years of breastfeeding and being a 60/70's girl, going braless I might add.) I was pretty much bottomed out as I call it, all boob volume at the bottom of my breast. By placing the implants above the muscle, it filled out that upper tissue and it provided a nice lift, in addition, filled out the stretch marks! Kind of like a fat face can fill in the wrinkles! There is no way these days, I go with out a bra or comfortable sports bra for sleeping in. well, when I am alone in bed that is.

I see woman with their new breasts and wearing no support (occasions okay, like cocktail dress) and forgetting, that breasts will continue to age and they will fall again! Also, advice don't go bigger than what looks right on your frame. I am a DD but it looks normal. But make sure you don't go too small and regret afterward when the swelling goes down. There are implants now that are adjustable once already placed. And now they offer insurance which I did not have that option in case of breakage."
   - Deborah

I Loved Dr. Corbin!
"I want everybody to know what a truly great PS Dr. Corbin is. My initial visit was in March and I was so impressed with his astute judgment (he can see what many of us cannot) as well as his professional office staff. I had gone for several consultations prior to Dr. Corbin and was becoming doubtful I would find one that I felt comfortable and trusting with. Dr. Corbin asked me what I wanted to change and gave me very layperson's terms that I could understand and question. He gave many options and answered my questions concisely. I am now one week post op and cannot tell you how pleased I am of the results. I had a face lift, forehead lift and bleph on my face and a breast augmentation. Dr. Corbin's work has far exceeded my expectations. I would also like to add that I am a fifty-six year old woman so it was no easy task :-) I will be going back to Dr. Corbin in the future for all my future cosmetic surgeries. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Corbin. He is a genius in his trade and a very talented professional Doctor. PS. His staff has the "human touch" which is a winning combination in choosing a Plastic Surgeon.

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   - Anonymous

Dr. Corbin Is A True Master Of PS
"I must say….DR. Corbin is a true artist. When making a serious life changing decision to undergo cosmetic surgery it is very wise to properly research and choose a top doctor. I was familiar with Dr. Corbin's work and excellent reputation in the medical community years before I became one of his beautiful patients. Dr. Corbin truly cares about each one of his patients and I know many of them. He was very honest with me on my choice of beauty enhancing surgeries. He did was best for me. With that being said…. My new face and body is amazingly symmetrical and natural over all! With my amazing new look and confidence I am ready to conquer the world! Ha, Ha, Ha. Dr. Corbin thank you, you are a true master of your profession, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. To all of the staff at Dr. Corbin's you are all fantastic. Thank you for the emotional support and having patience with me through out all my cosmetic surgeries. I am proud to be a patient of your.-C.C."
   - C.C.

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