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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Francisco Canales from Santa Rosa, California (CA)

Incredibly Caring, Attentive Doctor
"I just wanted to let you know that I used Dr. Canales in Santa Rosa, California. You had him on your sponsor list and I researched him thoroughly. I had my BA on June 12th and I have had nothing but the greatest recovery and feel like he is the most incredibly caring, attentive doctor. He gave me exactly what I asked for and was always very honest with me. His whole entire staff is wonderful too. I definitely recommend him. He has made my experience so awesome! Your site has been a huge help to me too! Thank you. -Kim W. (335 cc's, under, saline, areola incision & lift)"
   - Kim W.

Definitely Recommend Dr. Canales!
"I used Doctor Francisco Canales in Santa Rosa CA. I chose him after consulting with him and another doctor in town that seemed to be the most talked about. I also talked to friends that used both of these docs and Dr canales seemed to be more recommended. My OBGYN also recommended him. During my 1st consult with the doc I didnt choose, I was very dissapointed and I most thought maybe I shouldnt be doing this. It was not very professional, either the office or him rieked of BO, he had me try on dirty jog bras and place implants in the to see sizes and he said he would show my pictures of his clients BA but never did. I then went to Dr. Canales and it was a whole different experience. I was brought into the room to wait for the MD and was asked if I'd like to see pics while I waited. I was handed a photo album of different BA's he had done. The MD then came in and was extremely professional, informative, and made me feel very comfortable. He didn't rush me and answered all my questions I was afraid of going to big and just wanted a full C. After looking at pics on the internet and peoples stats I was really afraid to go above 350cc. He talked me into 445cc saying that would make me a full C to small D. I was scared but went with his recommendation. I am soo happy I listened to him. Im 2 weeks post op and Im a full C. I would have definetly been dissapointed with any thing smaller. As a matter of fact I wish I was a little bigger. He prints up a wonderful book given to all his patients at the preop appointment. This book has everything from risks to copies of the consent, info on the procedure itself, the meds you will be taking, preop and post op instructions, breast massage instructions, information on what your mood my be like from week to week after surgery. I read and re read this book several times especially just before surgery. I didnt want to miss anything I was supposed to do or bring the day of surgery. I also referred to it several times after surgery when I experienced different things/sensations, to see if they were normal. I definetly recommend him. -Nanette"
   - Nanette

Warm, Caring and Down to Earth - He Is The Best!
"I thought about having a breast augmentation for over ten years before finally deciding to go for it. It was very important to me to choose a reputable surgeon. I felt the best way to find a doctor I'd be happy with would be from actual patients. I asked a couple of hairdressers, because I know they get the dish from their clients! Dr. Canales' name came up and over and over. They could not say enough about him. I loved Dr. Canales from my very first meeting with him and I booked my surgery that same day. He is so warm, caring, down-to-earth and yet still very professional. I had heard that he is very good at helping with size decisions, and this was very true in my case. He suggested rather large implants, in the 500-600cc range for me. I was initially hesitant to go with such a large size, but decided to trust his judgment because I had heard from a few different women that he knew what he was doing. I did go with 600cc and I cannot believe how great they look. They are not big on my frame at all. Everyone who sees me or my photos always says, "I can't believe those are 600cc! They're not big at all!" Dr. Canales obviously has a lot of experience and I am extremely happy with my result. That means a lot coming from me, because unfortunately I am a very "Type-A", analytical person. It takes a lot to make me happy! Besides his skill as a surgeon, Dr. Canales has a wonderful bedside manner. I was very anxious before my surgery and every time I saw him, he had a calming effect on me. He is able to make you feel comfortable and put your mind at ease. Not all doctors are able to relate to their patients on a personal level and I really valued that in Dr. Canales. I would recommend him to anyone thinking about a breast augmentation. Additionally, I will be going to Dr. Canales if I ever desire any other cosmetic procedures. He's the best! -Michelle"
   - Michelle

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