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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeons Dr. Albert F. Fleury, Dr. James H. French, Jr., Dr. G. Wesley Price from Annandale, Virginia (VA), Chevy Chase, Maryland (MD)

Definitely Recommend Dr. Fleury
"I used Dr. Albert Fleury with the Center for Plastic Surgery. He is one of your sponsors, although I found him originally through the Washingtonian Magazine Top Doctors issue. I wanted to make sure that whichever surgeon I chose had outstanding qualifications and was highly respected among his peers. What made me decide to go ahead and consult with him first were the photos and descriptions on your website. I already knew that I wanted to have the crease incision and have the implants placed under the muscle, and it seemed that that was what the doctors with CPS liked to do. I was especially impressed with the before and after photos, which showed the look I wanted. Dr. Fleury was the only plastic surgeon with whom I consulted. I had a huge list of questions, including some fairly unusual ones, and he answered them all with confidence. He was able to show me before & after pictures of women who had my build and my starting breast size, and he assured me that he had done BAs on many law enforcement officers (which I am). One of the nurses told me that Dr. Fleury and the other two doctors at CPS were more conservative and generally used implant sizes between 250cc and 400cc. I chose 300cc implants, which he overfilled to 330cc. I have no idea whether this is due to the character of the practice or whether this is due to our being located in the Washington, DC area, but I have seen very few women under the age of 35 in the waiting room I know different people prefer different things in their physicians. Dr. Fleury is definitely not the chatty, hand-holding type. He will certainly answer any questions and concerns a patient may have, but I'm not sure his no-nonsense style would be a good fit for some of the more "high maintenance" patients (the ones who need constant reassurance, etc.). Most of the nursing and admin staff are extremely friendly. The bottom half of my right pocket ended up narrower and shallower than my left, which made my right side higher and humpier. Dr. Fleury said at around the two-month mark that it could be that the pocket was not made big enough to begin with or it could be that the pocket closed up a little post-op. (I had noticed that immediately after the BA both creases were perfectly even, but at around four weeks the right crease started creeping upwards.) In any event, at five and a half months post-op he said we should go ahead and fix it. I had a pocket revision done in his surgical suite about a week later, under local anesthesia, at no cost. Now my breasts are even and I can wear all sorts of neat stuff! Anyway, I'm sure this message is a lot longer than you need. I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Fleury as a plastic surgeon. And if I knew anybody who was interested in getting a BA, I would definitely recommend ImplantInfo.com too! Thank you so much for providing this great service! - Cindy

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   - Cindy

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