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Breast Augmentation Without Photos

Photos courtesy of: Hubbard Plastic Surgery & Skin Enhancement, Virginia Beach, VA,

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Surgery One:
Age: 40
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 115
Pre-Op: 32AAA
Post Op: 32B
Breast Implant: Mentor, smooth, round, 225 filled to 250 Left, 260 Right,
Placement: Submuscular,
Incision: Peri-areola
No Children
Surgeon: Hubbard Plastic Surgery, Virginia
*Note: Left nipple naturally higher than right side. Chose not to have that fixed.

Redo scheduled for Oct 18, 2002 to Mentor Saline High Profiles to go larger.

Surgery Two:
Patient switched to Mentor 3000 High Profile Saline Breast Implants, size 380 filled to 410L/420R. Under the muscle, same peri-areola incision. Surgeon: Hubbard Plastic Surgery, Virginia

Patient kept the same width that she had before (11.5cm). She had the left side top pocket opened again because it had closed up. She went from a 32B with 250cc to a full 32D/34C with the HP's. The only pain she had was around the incision area. No heaviness, no tightness and no pain after the redo and could sit up and get off the recovery table without help. She was able to immediately raise her arms over her head, though she got scolded for it! Patient is absolutely thrilled with HP's and the upper pole fullness. and the extra volume. Also, something she feels is very important, she CANNOT feel any breast implant edges. Before she immediately felt the scalloped edges all around the breast implant, especially at the bottoms. Now her breasts still aren't perfect and her left will always look a little different (the left side of her chest wall is tad bit wider than the right side. Therefore the breast implant sits a little different) and her left nipple will always be higher. This is something she feels she can live with and so far she is ecstatic about her results! 
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About This Patient

  • Age: 40
  • Height: 5' 2''
  • Weight: 115
  • Placement: Below Muscle
  • Pre-op Bra Size: 32B
  • Post-op Bra Size: 32D
  • Implants: Saline
  • Fill: Right 380CC Left 380CC

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