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FAQs: Measuring for Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants

Dr. Pechter's Measuring System

1) Band size is measured essentially the same way as one would traditionally measure it.
1) Place a measuring tape snugly around your chest under the breasts.
2) Add 5 inches.
That is your band size.

2) For cup size:
1) Simply measure the breast (one breast at a time) from the point where it starts on the outer part of your chest to where it ends next to the breast bone.
2) Measure this distance across the fullest part of the breast, usually at the level of the nipple.
2a) If your breast is firm and perky you can measure while standing up.
2b) If your breast is large or droopy the measurement is more accurate while you are lying down. (You may need someone to assist you. Gently pushing the breast toward the outside or the inside may help you see where the breast begins and ends.)

3) Once you have measured:
3a) If the distance across the breast is 7 inches you are an A cup
3b) If the distance across the breast is 8 inches you're a B cup
3c) If the distance across the breast is 9 inches you are a C cup
3d) If the distance across the breast is 10 inches you are a D cup
3e) ...and so on up and down the line. Nine-and-a-half inches would be a "full C"; eight-and-a-half a "full B" etc.

Since cup size changes a bit with band size, someone who is a "full C" might, for example, wear a 34D or a 36C bra. Similarly, if you come up with an "odd" number for band size you might wear a larger cup if you choose the smaller band size and a smaller cup if you choose the larger band size.

This information is Copyright of Edward Pechter, M.D. and was originally published in the Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in September 1998. This information is published here with Dr.Pechter's permission. Reuse, republication or distribution of this information without Dr. Pechter's express written consent is strictly forbidden.

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