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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Weiland from Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)

Best Experience EVER
"I highly recommend Dr. Weiland of the Weiland Group. What an awesome experience from the time I called to schedule a consultation to surgery to post surgery and follow up. I tell everyone that is interested in getting a breast augmentation or any type of cosmetic surgery to use Dr. Weiland. He took the time to answer every question I had, made me feel at ease in my decision, and was available every step of the process. His staff was very professional and ensured I had their attention every moment. I would never go to another doctor. He is amazing!"
   - Hina Reed

Awesome Plastic Surgeon
"Hi Nicole! I just wanted to update you on my BA. I went ahead and had my BA done by Dr. Weiland on 5/20 and am very happy. They were awesome and such a great staff. Everything went fine and I am surprised that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Wanted to thank you for your website and for me finding my PS from your website and others on the message board who recommended him. Thank you so much!"
   - Anonymous

Very Nice Plastic Surgeon
"Hi Nicole!
Thank you so much for replying to me..I really apprciate it..I went for a consultation with Dr. Weiland in Las Vegas..He was so nice! Everyone there was great! I think I am going for my surgery sometime in MAY! I am so excited..I was very scared and nervous and wasn't even going to go to the consult but I made myself go and it was great..they made me more interested! Thank you for your site! I told him I found him from your site and people recommendations and he said wow! there had been 3 people that day who saw him because of your site..he also said your site is great for information =) thanks."
   - Anonymous

Highly Recommended

I used Dr. Stephen Weiland in Las Vegas, who is one of your sponsors, (he heard about this site from me!), he was great, spent a ton of time with me, has always been available for questions, concerns, was clear about what to expect, and I will say my BA was only mildly uncomfortable, I healed quickly and would highly recommend him, and have to others.

Thanks, Annette"
   - Annette

Time & Commitment from Plastic Surgeon
"Hi Nicole,
I saw Dr. Weiland a couple years ago about laser facial resurfacing. I quickly realized it was not something I needed, but liked him a lot and decided to have a little lipo done. I was very pleased with that.

I started working out and lost weight, along with any breast tissue I had and found myself wanting implants, something I never thought I would do. After 2 consults with him, I went ahead and as you know, couldn't be happier. He spends time with his patients, and gives a good result. He told me what he thought was best for me, (textured anatomicals) I did a lot of research and decided on smooth rounds !

Dr. Weiland is a sponsor of your site. I have sent a few friends to him and all are very happy. If I can help in any other way , let me know!

   - Annette

Amazing Plastic Surgeon
"Hi, Nicole!
I used Dr. Weiland in Las Vegas for lipo in 2000, and again in 2002 for breast implants. He is an AMAZING doctor! The entire staff at the Weiland Group makes you feel like family. And my results are phenomenal, you can't see any scars and my breasts look totally natural! Dr. Weiland told me that smooth round saline would be the best for me, and he was right! I am happier than I ever thought I could be! I would recommend Dr. Weiland to anyone!! Thanks a lot!
   - Terri

Outstanding & Caring Plastic Surgeon
"Hi Nicole,
I had my BA on 4/21/03 with Dr. Weiland, and him and his staff are the best!! I would highly recommend him and I would use him for anything else I was considering! He is outstanding and caring and really made me feel special!! My surgery went fine until I had a hematoma, but he took care of it, and the rest (they say) is history!! I got exactly what I envisioned and wanted and for that...I am grateful for him!! He's the BEST!! Thanks for letting me share, and thanks for your very informative website. Annette (Vegas Misfit)"
   - Annette

Highly Professional Plastic Surgeon

I just want to thank you for creating this site for women! I found my surgeon thru this site and he is wonderful. I went to four consultations and he by far spent the most time with me, was the friendliest and made me feel at ease. He is Dr. Stephen Weiland in Las Vegas, NV. He was also not the most expensive or the cheapest, he was in the middle of the price ranges I got. His staff is the best. They treat you like family there and they never make you wait. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a surgeon in Las Vegas. I am one week post-op and have had a pretty easy recovery so far. I have had no bruising and my incision looks good so far. I think that that has a lot to do with the skill of the surgeon and I think Dr. Weiland is nothing but a highly professional PS.

If anyone has any questions about him or the surgery they can email me at lpflyer@sbcglobal.net

Thanks again for all your information and insight!

Leslie - Las Vegas, NV"
   - Leslie

Kind & Gentle Plastic Surgeon
"Dear Nicole,

Your site helped me make the right choice. I live in Norfolk, VA and flew to Vegas to have breast augmentation surgery done by Dr. Weiland. The staff is great. The doctor is a kind and gentle man. I was confused about size and incision and left it up to him. He made a great choice. My breasts are beautiful.!! I had surgery Friday morning and went to dinner that night. He opened his office on Saturday to see me because he knew I was leaving on Sunday. This is truly a great office. I highly recommend Dr. Weiland to anyone having breast surgery. Please email me if you have any questions. Pmesisco@aol.com

   - Patty

Best Plastic Surgeon
"Hi Nicole,

I just want to let you know that you did a great job on this website. I had my breast done by Dr.Weiland on June 22,2004 and so far everything has been great. He is the best. I really like how you let people share what they feel about Dr's and I just want you to know that this website is awesome!!

Love, Marlo"
   - Marlo

Wonderful Experience with Dr. Weiland
"Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to write and tell you what a WONDERFUL experience I had with Dr. Weiland. I live in San Diego, California and after researching MANY Plastic Surgeons, my gut feeling remained with Dr. Weiland--- I just knew he was "the one". When I called him for a phone consult, he was the one who told me about your site and how informative it is! He and his staff are fabulous. I can't put into words how nice and kind and caring they all are. I called them a million times and not once did they make me feel as if I was bothering them or they were to busy to deal with my petty questions. I was very nervous and excited and it was so beneficial knowing that it was okay to call and ask questions. As for my surgery...I traveled to Vegas for my BA that I had done last week---2/16/05. IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE. I didn't even need the pain meds the next day! At my 1 day post-op appointment, Dr. Weiland and a nurse cut my bandages off, showed me how to massage and spent lots of time making me feel good and answering more of my never-ending questions! One more silly thing I need to add---they have the cutest refreshment bar in their waiting room with the yummiest coffee. (Its Starbucks, but for the life of me I cannot get my home ground Starbucks to taste like that)! Oh, and the robes they supply for the consult are so comfortable that I even bought one online! Please feel free to post this in his "what patients say" section.

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   - Sonya

Beyond Helpful & Cautious
"I just wanted to drop a line singing the praises of both your website, and the doctor of my choice, Stephen Weiland. MD. Not only was his staff beyond helpful and cautious in every way, they made me feel like every question I had was important, and never made me feel second to another client or paying client before my choice had been made. My recovery was amazing and so are my results, I am only 4 days post op and I couldn't be happier with my results and my pain management. Thanks to Naomi, Julie and Jennifer, along with Dr. Weiland for everything that they did for me.

Thank you Nicole and thanks to the Weiland Group."
   - Anonymous

Professional, Friendly, & Informative
I found my plastic surgeon on ImplantInfo by Nicole! I first contacted my doctor by calling the office since I was also referred by a co-worker.  He is professional, friendly, informative - the list goes on & on!  Great nursing staff also! This was my 1st surgery & they made me feel so at ease. The anesthesiologist had me laughing until I went to sleep & was right there when I woke up! They made sure I felt NO pain! I also liked that the OR is in the office-very private! 
Amber P.

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