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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Richard Dowden from Cleveland, Ohio (OH)

My Breast Augmentation Experience
"I had breast augmentation by Dr. Richard Dowden of Cleveland in September of 2012. My experience could not have been better. Starting with my initial consultation, a great amount of time was taken to help me decide what size and shape was best for me. My surgery went very well, and my recovery time went very well. Dr. Dowden and his staff made sure had all of my needs were met.  "
   - isabella

Best Surgeon Ever
"I researched many plastic surgeons near Pittsburgh, but found Dr. Dowden after a recommendation from a bartender who had the most fantastic boobs on earth. Then I found out about the TUBA method. I made an appointment and after 7 hours with Dr. Dowden, both my husband and I were not sure if this was the right decision: Dr. Dowden did his job making sure he discussed every possible pro and con possible. I finally decided to go forward with the TUBA surgery and this was the best decision. I should have done this years ago. Dr. Dowden was gentle, focused, calm and the first person I saw when I woke up from surgery. He is a wonderfully gifted individual. "
   - Pittsburgh TUBA

Amazing Experience
"The entire process and experience with Dr. Dowden, Shirley, and Rose exceeded all of my expectations. I left the initial consultation feeling well informed and confident in the decisions I made for breast augmentation. All staff were more than helpful with the process and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Dowden is amazing and allows the patient to make their own informed decisions on what they want. The consultation is thorough and covers all details of the surgery including cost, time, appearance, psychosocial, medications, benefits, and definitely the risks.

The surgery went extremely well and I couldn't be happier with the results. The only incision site is in my naval which leaves for minimal scarring. I highly recommend going to Dr. Dowden if you are seeking a plastic surgeon. He is the best at what he does and will inform you on everything possible in order to have a successful operation."
   - Caitlin

Caring Attention
"Thank you Dr. Dowden for explaining in detail everything that would take place and for the caring attention you give to your patients. You truly take the time to make sure patients understand the lifetime commitment they are undertaking and I have nothing but appreciation for you and your staff."
   - Jazz

Dr. Dowden TUBA Procedure
"I highly recommend Dr. Dowden if you are considering breast augmentation. He is very a thorough, informative and compassionate doctor. I went to 3 different plastic surgeons for consultation and Dr. Dowden took the most time and provided the most information so that you can make an informed decision. I am one week post op and doing very well and I am extremely happy with my decision to have a TUBA procedure. You would be surprised at how little soreness there is in the navel and stomach. 9 days post op I am only on Tylenol and I no longer have any sorenesses in my navel and stomach. He was even able to correct some asymmetry in my breasts. It is definitely worth while to schedule a consultation. You will obtain a lot of information including many of the pros and cons."
   - Teresa

Best Decision I Have Ever Made!
"I had my surgery on February 23rd of 2000. Best decision I've ever made. Dr. Dowden in Cleveland, Ohio performed it for me. I'm originally from Canton, Ohio...now living on the coast of North Carolina. I set up my initial consultation with him because of the praise I was consistently hearing about him from the girls on this ImplantInfo.com. After my first visit with him, I knew he was the one. He was professional and considerate...realizing this was more than just a physical change I was undertaking. I couldn't have done this without this incredible site!"
   - Anonymous

Truly A Wonderful Surgeon!
"Dr. Dowden is truly wonderful!! I had my surgery on June 15, 1999. They were round, over the muscle, and done thru the navel!! I can't possibly begin to touch on how happy I am with my results! Dr. Dowden is the most kind, considerate, and educated plastic surgeon around! For anyone considering implants this way--it is the way to go! Within three weeks, I was water skiing, tubing, and going to amusement parks, feeling NO pain!! Dr. Dowden has made me a very happy woman! I feel complete now! My breasts are beautiful, as close to perfect as I could ever imagine, and VERY natural! I can only thank Dr. Dowden for that! Through his knowledge, expertise, and truly wonderful staff, he helped to make this an easy decision for me."
   - Anonymous

I Knew From The Beginning Dr. Dowden Was Amazing!
"I found Dr. Dowden on the internet about one year before actually deciding to have my BA. I read everything that he had on his website, which is very informative, and kept referring back to it when I needed any questions answered. Then I found Nicole's website and with the combination of the two, I decided that I had read enough about this, either get it done or quit thinking about it. With ImplantInfo.com’s help I found some of Dr. Dowden's patients. I spoke to them on the computer and called them and I have become real good friends with them. We have met for lunch too. Enough about me.... Dr. Dowden is one of the most patient doctors that I have known. He was my one and ONLY consult. I knew from the beginning that I wanted him to do my BA. Anytime I had a question he was available to answer it. My consult with him lasted over 2 hours and I felt so comfortable walking away from his office about my decision. The day of surgery he calmed my nerves when he walked into the room. I tell everyone, "run, don't walk" to his office if they can get to him. I traveled over 2 hours to get to him and I would have traveled over two days to get to him. My new additions are so beautiful and I thank him every day for giving ME what I wanted. He asks you what size you want and he does exactly that to achieve it. I know that down the road if I EVER have anything go wrong with this BA that he will be there to help me. I highly recommend him to everyone that I talk to. -Cheri (Under, Anatomical, Textured, McGhan, 315, Armpit)."
   - Cheri

Great Plastic Surgeon
"Dr. Dowden is a kind, gentle man. As a surgeon, he is a perfectionist. His confidence is proof of his knowledge and experience. I consulted with two other surgeons before I found Dr. Dowden and left each of those consults confused and almost convinced that the procedure and placement that I wanted was not going to happen. I then ran across Dr. Dowden's website and immediately called his office for a consultation with him. I had figured, "Oh well, what's one more appointment?" Well, that one more appointment brought a lot of happiness to my life! Dr. Dowden has an extremely calming effect about him and I felt from the moment I met him that I could place my trust in him. He allowed me to do the talking first and explain what it was that I wanted. He listened patiently until I was finished. Dr. Dowden then completed his examination of me and gave his suggestions. Not once did he try to convince me that I needed something that I didn't want. He understood from the beginning what I wanted--a very natural and believable look for my frame. On October 15th, 1998, Dr. Dowden performed my surgery via TUBA using Mentor's smooth, round implants. I was absolutely tickled from day one with my results and have not had any regrets. I have exactly what I asked for! Another absolute plus, Dr. Dowden has a wonderful and compassionate staff."
   - Anonymous

Very Pleased!
"I used Dr. Dowden and was very pleased! He is wonderful and my results are exactly as expected. I found him through your web site, flew out from WA to Ohio for the surgery, and am very happy. I go for my year check next month. -Melanie"
   - Melanie

One Of The Best PS Doctors
"Dr. Richard Dowden, in Mayfield Height, Ohio, was my surgeon for the implants and is the best. I had mine done through the navel on the 1st of May 2002 and it was a total suscess. I can't say enough about Dr. Dowden, he is so professional. I knew everything I needed to before surgery and was explained the negative and positive things about getting the surgery done. I couldn't be more happy with my results and how I was treated and taken care of by Dr. Dowden and by his staff before and continue to be every visit I have. I have never been treated as greatly by any other doctor as I was by Dr. Dowden. He should be recognized as one of the best doctors for plastic surgery, I have referred a friend to him and she feels the same way I do also. Just wanted to give my feedback on the surgeon that performed by surgery and give him a outstanding mark of excellence."
   - Denise

Very Happy With Dr. Dowden's Work!
"I have finally did it and I just had to share this with you Hi everyone, Please excuse any typos as I am still on my meds some. I had my BA 4 days ago on 4/10 and I am so ecstatic over my new breasts that my eyes just about well up with tears whenever I look at them!. I just wanted to share my story since everyone on here has been so wonderful and encouraging and supportive in my pre BA days up until my surgery. I cant say enough about my PS, the famous Dr. Dowden, his professionalism, his skill, knowledge and his staff. This is a truly gifted, gifted man. I went TUBA and have the new Mentor 1600 series High Profiles in approx 480ccs. I havent confirmed that exactly yet with him as Ive been too excited with my progress and recovery but will be sure to confirm the exact size at my follow up this coming week. I have absolutely no bruising whatsoever. My breasts have about a thumbs width of distance between them which makes me look like I have insta-cleavage without a bra at all!. They are perfectly shaped, and even (as I had some asymetry) and my nipples are still small and dainty and not stretched out at all. I couldnt be happier! My breasts are still sore, stiff, and high and starting to soften as I am wearing the dreaded strap 24/7, but am permitted to remove it for 10min every 4 hours. I went into an underwire body by victoria full coverage bra the day after surgery with no problems. My pain is minimal and tolerable. I made the mistake of waking up in recovery and saying that I had no nausea. But once I was released and got back to my hotel room I began hurling and couldnt keep any of my meds down for the entire 1st day. Dr called the surgery center at almost 2 in the morning and my husband fetched some naseau suppositories for me and from then forward Ive had no problems getting my meds 'on board'. I am just so overwhelmingly happy with my outcome so far and for this site, as this is where I had found this magnificent skilled man. In my opinion TUBA is the only way to go, if you can. I have no breast scars whatsoever and no track scars that some other TUBA patients had encountered. Im sorry this is so long but its the first time Ive been able to post since my surgery. You cannot go wrong with Dr Dowden. He is worth his weight in gold and I can understand why women from as far as Japan have travelled to use him. I plan to post progression pics as soon as I am able as I know many women are anxious to see and learn more about the new High Profile implants. I was so concerned they were going to be too large as I am fairly thin at 118lbs and 5'8". But they fit my chest perfectly. They are not under my armpits and I have great cleavage without a bra on. I should be an ample 34C/baby D when the swelling subsides. I was a full 34A or deflated 34B pre BA. and I went with overs. If anyone has any other questions I would be more than happy to help anyway I can. Thank you for letting me ramble, I am just so glad I did this!. You cannot go wrong with Dr Dowden as your surgeon. Thanks to Nicole for the greatest implant info site ever, and best of luck to all."
   - Lynda

Could Not Be Happier With Dr. Dowden!
"Dr. Richard Dowden, in Mayfield Height, Ohio, was my surgeon for the implants and is the best. I had mine done through the navel on the 1st of May 2002 and it was a total suscess. I can't say enough about Dr. Dowden, he is so professional. I knew everything I needed to before surgery and was explained the negative and positive things about getting the surgery done. I couldn't be more happy with my results and how I was treated and taken care of by Dr. Dowden and by his staff before and continue to be every visit I have. I have never been treated as greatly by any other doctor as I was by Dr. Dowden. He should be recognized as one of the best doctors for plastic surgery, I have referred a friend to him and she feels the same way I do also. Just wanted to give my feedback on the surgeon that performed by surgery and give him a outstanding mark of excellence."
   - Anonymous

Great Surgeon!
"I cannot even begin to list all the wonderful things I have to say about Dr. Dowden, as it would take a novel to give him the credit he deserves. I wasn't completely sure that I was ready to have a breast augmentation because of all the risks involved and the results I was looking for, but after consulting with him I realized that I couldn't be in better hands. Unlike the other consults I had, Dr. Dowden thoroughly went over the entire procedure including all of the statistics and risks involved so that I wouldn't have any doubts nor questions about the surgery. Also, I really appreciated that he educated me on the different options I had and let me make the important decisions about my surgery, such as my desired size, implant shape/texture, incision site, over/under placement. I loved that he was so experienced and comfortable with all forms of the breast augmentation procedure that he didn't impose anything I didn't want. I started at a very small 34 A and was looking to be at least a 34 D (prefferably bigger), but none of the other surgeons I talked to thought it was possible to achieve that or even bigger. He surpassed my expectations and I was able to get the results I wanted, 34 F. He is a truly gifted surgeon. I travelled from Chicago to Cleveland for him to do my surgery. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't change a thing."
   - Anonymous

Fantastic Results!
"I found Dr. Dowden on ImplantInfo.com through numerous posts about how fantastic his results were. My surgery was a little over a year ago. Thank you for creating such an informative place for breast augmentation questions. I don't think I would have ever had this procedure done, nor achieved the results I wanted, if it weren't for your site. Thanks a million! I chose Dr. Dowden because of his wonderful feedback and his experience in the field. I also chose him because he was familiar with the TUBA procedure. He's a wonderful PS!!"
   - Sheila

The Absolute Best Surgeon Ever!
"I'm just writing to say thank you so much for your web site. Not only is it interesting, but it's extremely informative. For about three months straight I was on the computer almost every night just reading up and looking at photos on your web site (I even did a speech on breast augmentation in my speech class back in November 2002!!!) But I can honestly say it was because of this web site that I made my decision to go through with the cosmetic surgery I always wanted -- breast augmentation. My surgery was performed a little over 2 months ago on Dec. 23, 2002 by Dr. Richard Dowden (the absolute best surgeon ever!) It was funny because one night I was out at a club and I saw a girl who I thought may have had breast implants who her doctor was and she told me Dr. Dowden. So I remembered the name but I still wanted to do more research. So the one day, about a month later I was looking through your photo gallery and I came across this one woman named Lynda who had the absolute best breasts I had ever seen. So I was showing my boyfriend the pictures of her and he was like, "oh my god, did you see who her doctor is?!" And it was Dr. Dowden!!! Right there I knew it was a sign -- I just had to call his office and set up a consultation. So I did, and I couldn't possibly be happier with my results! I honestly believe he is one of the best, most thorough doctors in the country for this type of surgery --- I mean, people have come from Europe to go to him! Well, being a 20-year-old college student, this loan I took out is going to take me a while to pay off but every cent I'm paying is sooooooo worth it! I can't thank ImplantInfo.com enough for having such an awesome web site. Every time I got on line I just got more and more excited to go through with getting breast implants. And I'm so happy I did!"
   - Sara

Dowden Is A Perfectionist
"Ladies - Go see Dr. Richard Dowden. I had BA last Wednesday 4-9-03. It was a wonderful experience. He is truly gifted and wonderful. My breasts look great! His staff was also so, so supportive. Dr. Dowden is a perfectionist!!!!!! The recovery went well. He mandates staying overnight when going under the muscle- so I was VERY comfortable. Please don't waste your time with other surgeons. You will not be comparing apples to apples. He understands and listens to what we (women) want so that he helps you make the best deciesion for you; not what is the "easiest" way to do things. He gets it right the first time! GOOD LUCK!"
   - Anonymous

3 Years Post BA - Still Look Great!
"Can't believe it's been three years!! After having 4 girls and breastfeeding all of them, I went from a comfortable 34B down to a saggy 34A/AA. I felt all alone and didn't know there were others like me until I found the forum on ImplantInfo.com!! I had my share of fears, enough to schedule and cancel two times before finally going through with it. It has been a dream come true for me - now being a Full C Small D. Dr. Dowden did his magic and I haven't had any complications at all, just beautiful boobies. I go for my three year check up soon, which is SO hard to believe. After having our 4th child I knew I couldn't rely on being pregnant to get my boobs back again, otherwise I'd be really really old with a ton of kids!!! LOL God led me to ImplantInfo.com and when I first found it I literally looked up and said "You've GOT to be kidding!!" Miss Health Nut USA here into Holistic Health for 20+ years getting a boob job!! No way!! BUT after much research, finding a great doctor and overcoming my many fears, I SO thankful for all the girls here and Dr. Dowden and his staff. Like I said, a happy ending here. It was such a great experience for me I kinda envy you gals going in for yours, which may seem weird. Waking up in the recovery room is a day I'll never forget - it was like giving birth to a child - total joy!! Just wanted to share my thoughts as I approach my three year anniversary. Hugs to all of you and God Bless"
   - Anonymous

A Totally Positive Experience
"I am a patient of Dr. Dowden in Cleveland. I just had my BA this past April. I first found Dr. Dowden's name on ImplantInfo.com. In addition to providing me the contact information for a fantastic surgeon, this website is a wealth of information and clearly the most comprehensive source for women considering BA. I still visit frequently (like so many others). My experience has been totally positive, just so you know!"
   - Saundra

Thank You Dr. Dowden!
"I have found the most skilled, gifted, understanding plastic surgeon in the whole wide world. I think it would be impossible for a plastic surgeon to be better than the one that has helped me with my revision of my breast reconstruction after breast cancer and a mastectomy. His name is Dr. Richard Dowden in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. He is the very best and corrected two serious problems that I had with my breast reconstruction with a different plastic surgeon. With my first reconstruction, both implants were placed too low causing an indentation above each implant from the tissue removed during the mastectomy, and the other problem was at the midline between the implants, my skin had pulled away from my sternum causing symnastia (spl?). Dr. Dowden performed his magic and corrected both problems. I now have a beautiful, natural fullness above each implant since both implants were raised to a higher position, and my skin is now reattached to my sternum at the midline giving a normal appearance with beautiful cleavage. I could not be more pleased with the results and I only wish that I would have known about Dr. Dowden for my first reconstruction surgery. I would be happy to share my experience with anyone who has a similar problem. I experienced a lot of anxiety and frustration before going ahead with the revision with Dr. Dowden, but now I know that all of that anxiety could have been avoided if only I had known about his expertise as a surgeon and his confidence in his ability to correct my problems. So, if I can help anyone else going through the same type of struggle, I would be very happy to talk with them. I waited a year before going ahead with my revision with Dr. Dowden in December of 2004, and I wish I had done it sooner. I am so grateful for ImplantInfo.com, where women can share their experiences. Maybe someone else can profit from what happened to me. Thank you, and most of all, thank you very, very, very, very, much Dr. Dowden."
   - Jeanie

Very Gifted Doctor
"I am SO happy the girls on the forum led me to the Wonderful Dr. "D". He's an amazing very gifted doctor....and was so patient with me as I processed my fears. I scheduled and cancelled two times before going through with my BA. His whole staff is wonderful. I feel so blessed to have found him. I wouldn't go to anyone else. For those of you who may have to travel to see him......just do it!!"
   - Anonymous

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