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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth from Beverly Hills, California (CA)

Beautiful results with Dr. Haworth of Beverly Hills
"Dear Dr. Haworth,
I think you know how I feel. Words cannot possibly express the gratitude in my heart. You have given me such an amazing gift. You have given me confidence, the ability to feel "normal", the capability to be an active parent and total absence of back pain :-). I couldn't be happier! Your kindness is completely overwhelming. You have proven that there is still good, compassionate people in this world. You are a wonderful doctor who has achieved amazing things. I believe that good things only come to the most deserving people. Your generous heart is why your success is so abundant. I will never forget you or your great staff. You will always represent what I feel people in this world should be. God bless you always!
Los Angeles, California"
   - Grateful Patient

Confidence boosting experince with Dr. Haworth
"Hello Dr. Haworth,
Thank you so very much for what you have done for me. You have really changed my life and boosted my confidence level.
Best wishes,
Los Angeles, California"
   - Happy Breast Augmentation Patient

Contestant from The Swan very please with Dr. Haworth
"Dr. Haworth,
You are also my hero, you changed my life.
Contestant from "The Swan"
Phoenix, Arizona"
   - Happy Makeover Patient

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