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Smooth Round Breast Implants

Photos courtesy of: Plastic Surgery Institute of Washington, North Bethesda, Maryland (MD), Dr. Roger Friedman

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Front View Before Breast Augmentation
Front View Before Breast Augmentation

Front View After Breast Augmentation
Front View After Breast Augmentation

Side View Before Breast Implants
Side View Before Breast Implants

Side View After Breast Implants
Side View After Breast Implants

With the help of Dr. Roger Friedman of North Bethesda, Maryland, this patient was able to achieve the body she had been longing for.  She was unhappy with the size and shape of her breasts, and decided to undergo a breast augmentationDr. Roger Friedman used smooth, round, breast implants and inserted them through an inframammary incision.  This patient was very happy with the results of her breast augmentation.  With the help of Dr. Friedman, this 28-year-old patient is much happier with the appearance of her breasts which compliment her great figure. 
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