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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mike Gonce from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)

Dr. Gonce is absoluty great!!
"I had breast augmentation surgery back in Feb of this year, and Dr. Gonce was amazing! Not only did he make me feel safe and welcome, his staff was just as welcoming. I would reccommend him to anyone interested in doing breast augmentation surgery. Thank you for making my dreams come true Dr. Gonce! I came to you feeling insecure about my body and walked out feeling like a brand new women. Now I have the body that I've always wanted."
   - T.B.

Comforting Atmosphere
"When I first found Dr. Gonce, through this site, I was a little skeptical, since no one on the boards had heard of him or used him before, but I did my research on him, and I met with him in person and absolutely loved how comfortable he made me feel. He never rushed me, and he was always completely honest with me. He made me feel like he would sit there until the sun went down, if that's what it took to answer all my questions. I decided right then to use him. We decided what we were going to do, and I ended up coming back, and changing it. I am so in love with the way I look, and I owe it all to Dr. Gonce! He is a God Send. He does fabulous work, and never blows himself up. His staff is exceptional, and they are so friendly and concerned, it feels like I've known them my whole life! They are wonderful people who do wonderful work. I am a patient for life."
   - Anonymous

Impressed By His Honesty And Expertise
"Dr. Gonce performed my augmentation in October 2002. I was very impressed with his honesty, sincerity, expertise, and the ease of the process. He really strives to meet the patient's desires while utilizing his experience to make sure the results are complimentary to the patient's figure. I am very pleased and plan to also be a patient for life! -Stephanie"
   - Stephanie

Marvelous Bed Side Manner
"Thanks for your site recommendation to Dr. Gonce. I had my BA in November 2002 and am so pleased with the results. He has a marvelous 'bed side' manner, listened and addressed each one of my concerns during the consultation, and gave his input on the size that I should go with, which I might add was bigger than I had originally planned. His staff is absolutely the finest, the girls in the office were very patient with my numerous phone calls and questions. His anesthetist is an expert, he made me comfortable and calmed my fears the morning of the surgery, as a matter of fact, I never felt the IV being put in my arm. When I awoke, the nurse was so kind in helping me get dressed and getting me into the car safely. Should I ever need a redo, I will definitely drive the three hours to see Dr. Gonce again. -Cheryl"
   - Cheryl

Over 400 BA's Last Year!
"I had Dr. M Gonce in OKC for my augmentation....I am happy with everything so far. Spoke with women that had him perform their BA's also and saw before/after pics. He is very straightforward and knows what he is doing. He performed over 400 augmentation last year."
   - Anonymous

He Was Great!
"Dr. Gonce in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was great!! The staff was very helpful and he is just a down to earth guy, that I would greatly recommend. I love my results."
   - Anonymous

Would Go Back To Him Again!
"I would like to recommend Dr. Gonce in OKC, OK : He is honest and straight-forward, - and witty; he made me feel comfortable during my before and after surgery visits. During my two follow-up visits I felt Dr. Gonce evaluating my BA like a work of art. I believe that is how he views his profession - works of art? After having received copies of my before and after surgery photos I know Dr. Gonce is a surgeon and an artist!?! He answered and commented on all of my questions before and after surgery, and he was very comforting to talk to when I developed issues in regards to my BA a few weeks after my surgery. During that time I also exchanged e-mails with one of his employees, Deborah Jobes (RN). Between the two of them they helped putting things in perspective for me (to better understand myself), had me step back and take a good look at myself and appreciate what I see: my results truly are excellent. Should I for any reason need or choose to go back for another BA, Dr. Gonce will be who I turn to. He and his entire staff have been wonderful"
   - Anonymous

Not One Negative Word
"I had heard many good comments about Dr. Gonce, never a negative remark. My husband actually found Nicole's site. I was happy to find Dr. Gonce on the site. In the chat room, I actually spoke with a few people that had used him. They raved about his staff and their experience. Funny thing was, these gals didn't even live in Oklahoma anymore. This great website put me in contact with them. OK...At my consult, I had decided that I wanted saline unders, crease incision, and about 350-375 cc's. I was happy to hear that Dr. Gonce did the vast majority of his under and did crease incision unless patient requested otherwise. He did shock me when he said thumbs down on unders for me. I has a slight sag and he was not confident that unders would provide me with a good outcome. He strongly suggested overs, or a lift also....NO thanks. I booked the surgery and fretted for days. I was disappointed in the recommendation of overs but trusted his advice. In chat, meeting others who used him, I was told "trust him, he's great". I did! On November 14th, I got 360 cc overs. I LOVE THEM. My mom was not in favor of my BA. The afternoon after the surgery, she came by and went to the bedroom with me to help me readjust my wrap. She looked at them and said "Is that what they are gonna look like?? They look good....real." I told her as far as I knew, they would only get better and they have. I am 2 weeks post op today. I have had NO problems. Dr. Gonce's office has been available to me numerous times by phone and e-mail to answer questions that has come up. I have always received a quick response from them. I would highly recommend his skills as well as the professionalism of his staff....a truly flawless experience!! -Dawn"
   - Dawn

Happy With My Results
"I liked Dr. Gonce from the get-go. He is both knowledgeable and personable, as well as a very skilled surgeon. I had many questions at the initial consultation, and he spent all the time I needed to answer them, never making me feel rushed or as though he had something else to do. He was equally patient and accessible during subsequent meetings. Dr. Gonce has a very easygoing, approachable manner and a good sense of humor, all of which made me feel very comfortable. His head nurse, Deborah, is equally wonderful. She was always quick to answer my questions thoroughly and is very sweet. My breast augmentation surgery went smoothly and I am very happy with my results. I flew in from another state for this surgery and was so impressed with Dr. Gonce, his staff and my results that I would choose to have him do any future surgeries without hesitation."
   - Anonymous

Litte Pain
"I had my ba/bl this morning...all is going well. Got to hotel around 9:30 am...have been resting off and on.I have had very little pain...and it's only when I get up or down that there is a small amount of pain. Can't wait to see them in the morning. I used Dr. Gonce in Oklahoma City...he is wonderful!!! Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers...yipee! -Debbie"
   - Debbie

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