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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joel R. Studin from Great Neck, New York (NY), New York, New York (NY)

Great Results
"I had silicone breast augmentation done by Dr. Studin 2 years ago. I'm so happy with the results!! Dr. Studin took the time during his consultation to answer all of my questions.. I had been to many consultations and I knew immediately that Dr. Studin was the right surgeon for me! My breast look amazing and I feel better about myself than I did when I was 18! Thank You Dr.Studin!!!"
   - Mschartz

Kind and Helpful Plastic Surgeon
"It is my pleasure to talk about Dr. Studin. He and his staff were so kind and helpful. They were there for me every step of the way. Dr. Studin answered all of my and my husband's questions and really seemed knowledgeable. I have to add that I have 2 slight deformities. The first being a large and crooked sternum. My right breast bone stuck out very far and my right breast went over to the right a lot. The second being very barrel chested. From a side angle, I had no breasts, just a round ribcage.

From the first time I met the DR, and his staff, I felt like his only patient. My surgery went beautifully. It started at 11:15 and I was on my way home by 2:20. Before my surgery I was a small saggy B, due to breast feeding, and now I am a nice firm C. I had Mentors, under the muscle, areola incision, 400cc. I have saline and have to also add that I went to 4 other doctors for consultations and each one said that I was eligible for silicone because of my deformities. Dr. Studin said, "no way. Why pay the extra money? I can fix them with saline." And he did!

There is no longer any trace of my deformities and I have never felt better about myself. His post-op care and advice has also given me a great recovery. The Meds and the vitamins and scar treatment were right on the money. I believe with all my heart that he was sent here to help me. Because of him I will now look at myself like a real woman and not a freak. I think any one who goes to him is making the right decision.

Thanks for all your site did to help me.
   - Ann-Marie

Perfect Plastic Surgeon
"Dear Nicole,

I was considering breast implants for quite sometime, but did not know which doctor would be best for me. I came upon your web site through a search and came across Dr. Studin, I made an appointment for a consultation with him along with two other doctors.

My boyfriend sat there during the consultation listening to Dr. Studin go through the process of the procedure, after he was finished my boyfriend and I were convinced that he was the perfect Doctor for me.

I had made my decision to use him even while I went to the other consultations I had set up.

Dr. Studin has such a great bedside manner, he is caring and very down to earth, he also has the best staff working for him as well.

On the second night post-op, I got very sick (probably from the anesthesia wearing off), I called Dr. Studin's service and within minutes, he was on the phone with me giving me instructions on what to do. I was taken back by his speedy response to my needs.

Choosing a Doctor to perform a surgery is a tough decision, especially choosing a Doctor off of a web site, but I could have not made a better decision.

I hope that this helps others should they have to make the same decision.

Sincerely, Michelle

P.S. Thanks for this website, it has been really informative."
   - Michelle

Incredible Work by Plastic Surgeon
"HI Nicole,

I had BA done with Dr. Studin on April 8, 1999. I thought about doing this procedure for YEARS since my breast were a small 34 A. I had done a lot of research on doctors and the different procedures and found that there weren't too many doctors out there that were HIGHLY recommended. I then heard of "the doctor of great neck". I try a consultation.. The minute I walked in his entire staff was so wonderful. I had a list of questions I had printed up to ask at the end 18 total to be exact. Can I tell you that at the end of the consultation I didn't have anything to ask him since he had answered all of them already.. My only question was " when are you free to fit me in"! I have met many doctors who have terrible bedside manners I wish I could list all of their names so you can stay away!! Dr. Studin has the most unbelievable bedside manners and does incredible work. I have never had a problem with them. I have recommended a few women to him but, find it so hard to tell women his name, I want to keep him all to myself!! I have to truly say by the compliments I have gotten my breast are SOOOOO realistic and do not look FAKE. I have 375cc in my left breast since it was smaller and 350 cc in the other. I now wear a 34D and I am 5' 4". It looks perfect and compliments my body.. Thank you Dr. Studin for making it easy and Thank you Jackie for calling and making me feel like I was his ONLY patient!!

   - Michelle

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