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Male Visitors' Stories - Recovery is tough for the men!

Hi, My girlfriend had breast augmentation surgery one week ago against my wishes. I didn't try to stop her, but I told her I would rather her not do it. Being a man, I guess I didn't understand why. Any way, the significant others (us men) need to be better informed on what they have to do.

I have been a slave locked in our apartment for the entire week. I wasn't prepared for the pain that she was in and as bad as being a full time nurse is, seeing her hurting like that was definitely the worst part. Make sure that you are prepared to take care of your wife/girlfriend to the point where you will be feeding her and trying to help her get comfortable even though you can't.

Try to do as much as you can without getting angry at her and for your own sake, talk to her about getting some help. It's worse than taking care of an infant. Good luck men!

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