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Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants Information Resources on The Internet

Information on the Internet

Before my surgery, I read everything I could so that I could make an informed choice. I also talked to other women and to my doctor. You should do the same. I have provided links below to articles, studies and other sources of information to help get you started toward making an informed decision. Since the Internet changing all the time, I'd be grateful if you could share any other useful links with me so that we can add them.  

- Nicole

 Studies About Breast Implants

Government Studies, Manufacturer Studies, Academic Studies

Breast Implant Manufacturer Information

Links to the Websites and Information of the Companies That Make the Implants

Women's Health & Breast Health

Information About Breastfeeding, Breast Self-Examination and Women's Issues

Breast Cancer Awareness

Information About Breast Cancer Prevention, Breast Reconstruction and Women's Experiences

News, Articles & Commentary

Articles and Links About Breast Augmentation - Includes Articles About ImplantInfo.com

Miscellaneous Links for Breast Augmentation

Links Worth Reading But Not Easily Categorized

Silicone Survivor's Links

Links to information sources discussed by "Silicone Survivors"

Our Surgeon's Page Have Useful Information for You!

Links to information from our surgeon's

Links to sites owned and operated by others, we neither copyright nor claim responsibility for the information at each site.


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